Kosovo Cadastral Agency

Mandate and Responsibilities

Kosovo Cadastral Agency is the central authority for the maintenance of cadastral database, property registers, mapping and GIS. It is also the central authority for geospatial data infrastructure. The rights, responsibilities and overall mandate of the KCA is regulated by the Law on Cadastre and other legal acts, all accessible through the following link:



Below you can find some of the responsibilities of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, which derive from Article IV of Law no. 04 / -L-013. KCA acts as an Executive Agency within the Government of Kosovo, namely the Ministry. KCA is led by the Chief Executive Officer of the KCA, who is elected in accordance with the rules in force for the appointment of senior civil servants of the civil services. Therefore, the Chief Executive of the KCA responds to the Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. Kosovo Cadastral Agency is responsible for the Cadastre and has the authority to issue guidelines regarding all cadastral activities for the management of the national computerized system that collects, processes and distributes cadastral data. As the central institution, KCA is responsible for the certification of the MCO staff that perform cadastral surveys as well as to license the companies and surveyors for performing cadastral surveys.

For more details about organizational structure, duties and responsibilities of specific departments within the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, download the Regulation on the Internal Organization of Kosovo Cadastral Agency.