Kosovo Cadastral Agency

Mandate and Responsibilities

Kosovo Cadastral Agency is the central authority for the maintenance of the cadastral database, for the maintenance of property registers, for cartography and for GIS, for the unified address system, for the national spatial data infrastructure, and for the administration of the Information Technology Infrastructure (IT), respectively the first and the second data centres. As an institution of central level KCA has jurisdiction to issue the guidelines and framework for the works associated with all cadastral activities, it handles the training and certification of officials in the Municipal Cadastral Offices for operation in the Kosovo Cadastral Land Information System (KCLIS) and handles the trainings, certification and licensing of surveyors and surveying companies for the provision of cadastral services. Based on the Law on Cadastre, KCA has delegated to the MCO's the tasks of registration and maintenance of cadastral data in KCLIS. MCO's provides services to natural and legal persons, as well as to public institutions, in 35 out of 38 municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo, while in three municipalities, respectively in Zubin Potok, Leposavic and Zvecan, despite the efforts of the KCA, the cadastral administration is not done following the legislation of the Republic of Kosovo. Due to this, and with aim to offer the cadastral services for citizens of these three municipalities, KCA based on the Law on Cadastre accepts the demands of the citizens of these three municipalities, and for the same ones issues cadastral and property records, as well as maintains the Immovable Property Rights Register.