Licensed Surveyors Aiming to provide fast and more efficient services to citizens Kosovo Cadastral Agency, has established legislation that regulates private sector involvement in conducting cadastral services. For this reason, Kosovo Cadastral Agency has issued Administrative Instruction 01/2013 on Licensing of Surveying Companies and Surveyors which regulates the manner and conditions that a surveyor or surveying company has to fulfill so it can gain the status of the licensed surveyor or licensed surveying company. Also, on the following link you can download the Administrative Instruction no. 05/2012 on Tariffs for Cadastral Services and Products offered by Municipal Cadastral Offices and licensed surveying companies. KCA is responsible for the licensing of companies and surveyors for performing cadastral surveys, while on the links below you can download the list of licensed surveying companies and licensed surveyors list.

Download list of licensed surveyors 

Download list of licensed surveying technicians