Intensified tasks in CR

In order to discuss the progress of the implementation plan of the project Reconstruction of Cadastral Information in 50 Cadastral Zones, today in the premises of Kosovo Cadastral Agency was held a comprehensive meeting between experts of the KCA, respectively Head of the Commission for the Reconstruction of Cadastral Information, project managers, cadastral experts and gender equality experts, etc . The meeting was focused on the challenges in the project, the progress of the project, information campaigns, etc. From the economic operators was required to increase the level of reporting, as well as to give their contribution to gender equality in property registration. Representatives of economic operators have agreed that in parallel with the registration of property, to inform the citizens about the benefits of a registered property and equal rights to property..

Benefits from the IMPULS

A delegation of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency consisting of the Chief Executive Officer Prof. Dr. Murat Meha and Head of Address Unit within KCAM. Amir Sogojeva stayed in Gavle, Sweden, where on 25 and 26 November 2014, was held a seminar of the project Impulse, which consists of harmonization of geospatial data of regional countries in accordance with European standards. The main focus of this seminar was the sixth component of the project that has to do with the benefits of the "Impulse", demonstrated through concrete examples. Besides representatives from the Republic of Kosovo, the seminar was attended by representatives of the institutions responsible for geospatial data infrastructure of the countries from the region such as Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and representatives from the Swedish authority for cadastre "Landmateriet", which simultaneously are implementing the project "Impulse". In the wake of Impulse project meetings , this week will be a regional seminar in Skopje in relation to the address register , which will also present the Kosovo Cadastral Agency.


Avancim në barazi gjinore

Advancement on women's rights

Kosovo Cadastral Agency has started implementing land registration project in the name of both spouses. In order to raise the level of gender equality, the World Bank has supported KCA on developing a project for joint registration of property in both spouses' names so the women can easily become owner as well. With the launch of this project the Kosovo Cadastral Agency once again proves its commitment to raising awareness and to make a European cadastre. For this occasion today at the KCA premises was held the first meetings between representatives of the some Municipalities , the Association for Women's Rights and representatives of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency , where they discussed concrete action and steps, as well as commitments for this process and for establishing a stable property market for both man and women.

Valuation of Real Estate Property

Kosovo Cadastral Agency on dates 18 and 19 February hosted the seminar entitled "Mass Valuation of real Estate Property", which is one in the series of workshops, conferences and various activities held as part of the project "Impuls" which consists of geo spatial data harmonization of countries of western Balkan region in accordance with European standards .  besides the representatives of Republic of Kosovo, at the conference attended the representatives of regional countries in charge for national spatial data infrastructure, respectivelly from  Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montrenegro, Croatia,as well as representatives of Swedish cadastral authority "Landmateriet" which are and implementor of  "Impuls" . During the two day workshop were held presentations through which the principles of mass valuation, general methods of such actions and legislation which serves as the basis for mass evaluation where treated. Also, they exchanged ideas about overcoming various challenges and potential risks of such a process, based on the practices of developed countries. Cheif Executive Officer of KCA Prof. Dr. Murat Meha has requested the support regarding training of his staff for the upcoming activities in the field of mass valuation. "Implus"  is financed by Swedish SIDA. 

Introduction with KCA applications

At a workshop organized by the Ministry of Public Administration in cooperation with the OSCE, the Kosovo Cadastral Agency has introduced its achievements on creation of new projects and applications, as well as the basic steps of usage of these application where demonstrated. In this workshop participants were officials from the Municipal Cadastral Office Graçanica , Shtrpce , Novobrdo,  Kllokot, Ranilug and Partesh, while from Kosovo Cadastral Agency where present cadastral experts Mr. Avni Ahmeti, Ms. Drenusha Januzi and Mr. Vllaznim Vuçitërna, who presented the KCA projects such as re engineering of Municipal cadastral Agency, Cadastre reconstruction, Building Construction Cadastre, unified Address System, Geoportal  Topopgraphic maps, KOPOS, etc. Also the benefits of Municipalities from such a projects where presented. At the other side the MCO participants welcomed the work of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency and have praised its management for projects developed so far, projects that have contributed directly to increase efficiency and provide a modern approach which was lacking so far.