Meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee

Under the organization of Kosovo Cadastral Agency and the participation of stakeholders both from public institutions as well as by internationally institutions in Pristina was held a meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Land Administration. The purpose of this meeting was to address the opportunities for improvement of land administration, legislation governing land administration and its advancement, projects in the field of land administration and transparency. The meeting was opened by Deputy Minister of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Mr. Mendim Rugova, who in his opening remarks referred to the report "Doing Business" of the World Bank in which the Republic of Kosovo progress has increased significantly. "From the very beginning of this meeting I will like to mention the World Bank's report on doing business. Thanks to this institutional network consisting of national and international experts in relevant fields, doing bussines in general and registering property and land administration in particular, have seen a significant increase", said Mr. Rugova adding that the Government is participating and is very active on monitoring of all projects being implemented by the respective institutions. On the other side Deputy Minister of Ministry of Finance, Mr. Agim Krasniqi praised the work of the Commission and in made a guarantee for financial support of its Ministry in the development of new projects and maintenance of existing projects. After their expose, the Chief Executive Officer of Kosovo Cadastral Agency Prof. Dr. Murat Meha spoke on the activities undertaken in the period between two meetings of the Commission in the field of spatial data, and encouraged institutions to share geospatial data with other stakeholders as well as with the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Representatives of international institutions, respectively representatives of Project RECAP funded by  World Bank, representatives of Norwegian authority  for Cadastre and Cartography "Staten Kartverk" and representatives from the USAID program for property rights expressed their  committed to continue to support, and asked for the coordination of activities and commitment of the Government to finance the maintenance of projects developed through their donations. Meeting was followed by professional presentations from various public institutions such as MESP, the Statistics Agency of Kosovo, the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, etc. In conclusion, some conclusion recommendations where outlined to be undertaken in the future.

KCA and ASIG common workshop

Kosovo Cadastral he Agency within the expanding cooperation and exchanging  experiences with relevant institutcuionet from countries of the region has organized a working meeting with experts from the State Authority for Geospatial Information of the Republic of Albania. At the meeting representatives of respective states have presented their national strategies in the field of geospatial information, as well as legislation that creates the basis for such a process . Professional presentations were interactive ones, where experts aised issues of common interest , while experts have estimated such workshop as very important, all with the aim of raising the level of spatial infrastructure in the same level with EU states. Similar meetings are expected to continue in the future .

KCA, meeting with Taxation Directorate

A delegation of the Property Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance, consisting of Mr. Agron Çerkini and Mr. Mehaj Ermal has stayed at Kosovo Cadastral Agency aiming to discuss ways of exchange of data between respective Institutions and legislation that enables the process of exchanging data. In a meeting led by Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency Prof. Dr. Murat Meha and Director of Cadastre Directorate Mr. Abdurrahman Kuleta, presented the data available at Agency and presented ways of providing access to this data. The meeting was fruitful and similar meetings with stakeholders will continue in the future, all with the aim of providing quality services for citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. 


Students visits KCA

Apart from its professional engagement in maintaining property registers, cadastre and cartography, Kosovo Cadastral Agency is also involved in social issues, all with the aim of raising awareness of the random citizens, students, representatives of public and private institutions about the land management and its imoprtance. For this reason KCA hosted a group of students from study program for Geodesy and Geoinformatics, in front of whom KCA presented the projects implemented and being implemented by the KCA. Projects presented were Reconstruction of Cadastral Informations, Building Construction Cadastre, Unified Address System, State Geoportal, the production of new topographic maps etc. Presentations were dynamic and interactive and the students have been answered many of the questions raised by them.



Workshop in Tirana

In the frame of the project IMUPLS that consists in harmonization of geospatial data among states of the region, a comprehensive delegation of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency has participated in three-day workshop dedicated to sharing of geospatial data, which was held in Tirana, Albania. During their stay, the KCA staff has been engaged in this project components as harmonization of data,  webservices for exchange of data, legislation for the exchange of data, metadata and data dissamination. IMPULSE is a project funded by the Swedish authority for Cadastre and Cartography "Lantmäteriet" , and the participants are all countries of the region.