The solemn meeting of KCA staff

Chief Executive Officer of Kosovo Cadastral Agency Prof. Dr. Murat Meha held a solemn meeting with the staff of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency, with the aim to congratulate each of them for engaging in performing certain tasks. According to the CEO, the contribution of each of the workers of KCA has contributed to improve the quality of cadastral services. Also CEO said that the implementation of projects is valued by strong international stakeholders such us World Bank, "Staten Kartverk", the European Commission, the Japanese JICA etc. According to him, local institutions have evaluated the implementation of projects as well. At the meeting was noted that during the year that we left behind there were different challenges, but that the same have been identified in time and through cooperation is achieved to overcome the challenges. Regarding next year at the meeting where also discussed the vision for the future.  

Menaxhmenti, mbledhja e fundvitit

At year-end meeting held by the management of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency consisting of executive and directors of departments was done the reprise of the projects implemented in 2015. Chief Executive Officer of KCA Prof. Dr. Murat Meha praised the KCA experts commitment in project implementation, saying that all the assessments made by local and international institutions  the work of KCA is assessed as satisfactory. The results of the implemented projects where in place, by highlighting those of the of the Reconstruction of Cadastral Information in 50 Cadastral Zone, advance of the legal framework and strategies in the field of geoinformation and information technology, then the involvement of communities in using of property rights, transparency, expansion of the network of stakeholders, etc. the KCA Management praised the commitment of all staff in the implementation of projects, saying that such a commitment resulted in improving the quality and safety of the cadastral data and quick access to this information for every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo . 

Administrative Instruction of Expropriation

Kosovo Cadastral Agency (KCA) based on the Law On Cadastre No.04 / L - 013, article 4, paragraph 6 is responsible for the Cadastre and has the authority to issue laws and bylaws regarding all cadastral activities . KCA has prepared the Administrative Instruction No. MESP . 18/2015 for the registration of immovable property expropriation and the same has entered into force after approval by the Minister of MESP Mr. Ferid Agani. Administrative Instruction can be found in the official website of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency .

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Intense activities in CR

Kosovo Cadastral Agency is undertaking the final phase of implementation of the project Reconstruction of Cadastral Information in 50 Cadastral Zone, in which phase they are checking the quality of records collected from citizens in areas where the project is implemented. Cadastral experts, respectively CR project managers and members of the Commission for CR are doing quality control of Minutes before the new factual situation enters in the actual system for registering the property ownership, Kosovo Cadastral Land Information System. This project is carried out within the World Bank project " RECAP " and intended to harmonize the status of property records with the real situation on the ground. 

IMUPLS, KCA presents in Malmo

Prof. Dr. Murat Meha as a Chief Executive Officer of Kosovo Cadastral Agency which is the central authority for Cadastre and Cartography,  is attending the meeting of Directors of the counterpart agencies from the regional countries, which is being held in Malmo, Sweden. Such a meeting is being held within the IMUPLS project,  a project that consists with the harmonization of geospatial data among the regional countries to those EU member states. The purpose of the meeting is regional cooperation in creating the policies for the exchange of geospatial data among the reginal countries, respectively harmonization of data, standardized dissemination of data, the creation of legal base of such a process as well as the creation of as many benefits of such a process. The Chief Executive Officer  at the meeting has presented the progress of the KCA`s projects in this field, for  the legal aspect or in terms of cooperation with other institutions that manage geospatial data, even in the  successful implementation of the projects in the field.