The property right are guaranteed

Kosovo Constitution recognizes and protects the right of property ownership, and use of immovable property in accordance with the public interest regulated by law. This was enabled by an adequate system of land administration with notes and accurate registers, showing the location of immovable property, the shape and boundaries in the Cadaster and the rights in the immovable property rights register. The cadaster as well as the IPRR are established and are functioning in Kosovo. The immovable property rights register is established as a mechanism that recognizes and implements the validation of the rights of the immovable property in Kosovo. All owners have the right to register the immovable property, regardless of gender or race. Kosovo Cadastral Agency encourages all communities, especially women, to use their right to property registration.

Registration Procedures

In order to register the immovable property, should be followed this procedure:
A party must receive the application for registration of the property at the Municipal Cadastral Office (download application form). After completing the application form, the party shall submit the same one at the Municipal Cadastral Office. To the application should be attached a copy of the identification document, proof of payment of the property tax, authorization certified by the court (when the application is filed by an authorized person), possession paper and copy of the plan for identification of the immovable property. Additional documents that prove the rights of ownership should also be submitted, such as; final and executable judgment, the final decision of the court, ruling or decision of the competent administrative body, contract on transaction and a mortgage document. After submitting complete documentation to the Municipal Cadastral Office, your request will be processed in MCO, in the register of applications and you will get the order sheet / invoice for payment. Payment must be done in the nearest Bank, afterwards the invoice should be sent to the front office in order that the officer proceeds with the case at the action office. Your request will be processed by the action Office. The documentation shall be issued (the result) from 5 to 30 days. The party will be notified (through the personnel assigned by the Municipality for the announcement of notices) to the address shown on the application by the Party.

Your benefits upon the registration of the property

Registration increases legal security and protects your right to immovable property. Registration increases the value of your immovable property, allowing to pass the same one to your inheritors and to secure their future. Also by registering your immovable property, your property will became a part of a free market economy; part of the bank guarantee and you can also sell your immovable property etc.

Where to address?

Maintenance of records and registration of the immovable property is executed by the Municipal Cadaster Offices (MCO), which, although they are under the organization of the municipal assemblies in professional level are monitored by KCA. MCOs duties are: preparation and registration of property and property rights to the cadastral register. Therefore, the registration of your property can be done in the Cadastral Offices in your Municipality. In the following link you can find the list of Municipalities in the Republic of Kosovo.