lajme 2017

AKK, pjesëmarrje në FIG

The Kosovo Cadastral Agency, represented by its cadastral expert Mr. Korab Ahmetaj participated in the Working Week 2017 of International Surveyors Association (FIG), which was held from 29 May to 2 June 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. At this conference, among the dozens of presentations of professional activities in the field of geodesy, Mr. Ahmetaj presented the professional work of KCA entitled "The development of KCLIS toward SOA ". Also, a presentation on the activities in the Republic of Kosovo in the field of land administration was held by Mrs. Chryssy Potsiou, Chairman of FIG, who presented the paper titled "Formalization of Informal Buildings in Kosovo", with Prof. Dr. Murat Meha as a co-author. Both the presentations and the results from the activities conducted in Kosovo were seen of an interest by the participants.